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Wooden Windows LTD from November 2018, is implementing the project “Modernization of production in order to diversify sales markets”, during which it plans to acquire CNC (window / door processing line) in accordance with the findings and recommendations of the technological audit.

The planned investments will allow Wooden Windows LTD to increase production capacity, use more efficiently the available resources, ensure the quality of production and produce products better suited to the needs of the market, which will allow to increase the company’s competitiveness and labor productivity.

The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Project title – “Modernization of production is order to diversify sales markets”

Project promoter – Wooden Windows LTD

Aim of the project – to increase production capacity and enable labor productivity growth

Eligible costs of the project – 777 404,00 EUR

Of the European Regional Development Fund up to – 349 831,80 EUR

Project start date – 09-08-2019

Project end date – 06-08-2020