For almoust a decade, we have been creating wooden windows


About us

Our wooden windows are used in both modern construction and reconstructions of historic buildings. We are continuously gaining experience and apply it in implementing increasingly complex processes and technologies, so we have grown to a level where we can already make windows for as many as fifteen two-storey houses per month.

In 2020, we acquired Weinig Conturex and Leitz Tools equipment, which is the most advanced in Lithuania and, to a certain extent, in Europe. Even Tesla engineers would not be ashamed of manufacturing tools with such precision. This allows you to produce A++ class products, which are also feature design and durability and, on top of all that, to produce huge sliding windows for you.

Not only the energy performance or the quality of the indoor air depend on the quality of the window, and the light transmission of the glass installed can even affect your emotional state. To better understand it, imagine a small, barely perceptible grain of sand in your shoe: It is okay for a while, but if it stays there the whole day? And windows are not shoes as they have to serve for decades.

Commercial projects
Public spaces
Residential homes

At Wooden Windows we target the highest quality standard for our products.

Wooden Windows Ltd. Is a bespoke timber windows and doors manufacturer. Our organization is based in Lithuania, where woodworking is well respected and practiced throughout centuries. Over our professional years Wooden Windows Ltd. managed to develop in to the high standard manufacturing company and proved its positions not only in domestic market, but further abroad. Today‘s production is designed exclusively for the UK market, where we have completed over 100 different glazing projects and successfully evolved to a trustable and efficient business partner.

We are prepared to handle even the heaviest heritage projects in which the windows and doors must keep the traditional look. With our creative approach we produce custom product fitted individually and specifically under our customer’s requirement and configuration.
Our reputation in UK is built on trust, craftsmanship and quality we provide. All that comes with the relatively low price for our production. We believe that our organizational values are the key to our future success – fair charge for a custom designed, beautifully detailed and superb quality windows.