Casement windows

All these unconventional windows were proudly produced by Wooden Windows Ltd. The building is a unique one and the glazing follows that look.

Classic gray painting scheme matches the design of the building strengthening that historical feel.

The shaping of the frame and the astragal bars integration was a hit and revealed the highest standard of craftsmenship.

The fullfillement of the project was performed on time and with the Wooden Windows Ltd. team support, all windows were delivered in a single batch to the designated area.

Sash windows, front entrance door, French door

Wooden Windows Ltd. produced and replaced all windows and external doors in this beautiful house in Bath. Bright white color is tuned up nicely with the color of the building and brings that feeling of southern Europe. Astragal duplex bars devide the glazing panes in equal parts and provides that well balanced and classic look. Full set of sliding sash windows and casmeent doors were produced in relatevely short time and the project was concluded without any obstacles.

Sliding sash windows, alu-clad window

Sliding sash windows and alu-clad casement windows were manufactured in Wooden Windows Ltd. under specific requirement by the leading architect. The need for more open space and more light lead to to the usage of thinner frames and wider glazing.

Solid construction of aluminium claded window was delivered without any major obstacle. Although it was a challenge to finalize manufacture, load the long single frame, but at the end of the day the job was done. More and more customers in London rely on Wooden Windows Ltd. capabilities to support them not only in providing quality products, but to take care upon all delivery details.

Folding door, timber windows

Wooden Windows Ltd. manufactured all timber casement and sash windows and folding doors to this extremely nice Old Windsor house.

Main points were made on dual colour products – gray outside and white inside. Colour scheme fits very well with the finish colour of the building.

Folding door construction was selected for modern space saving solution and Wooden Windows made it perfectly.

Duplex astragal bars were offered by Wooden Windows Ltd. as a top choice and it added classic theme for the windows and doors.

French door

Luxurious black finish with brass ironmongery.. Hardly we could come up with more gracious finishing duo. This brilliant construction was produced by Wooden Windows Ltd. specialists.

Such challenging construction was chosen by the architects and was fulfilled without any delay. With the usage of thinner frame in door construction and with feature of astragal duplex bars, the desired royal vision was materialized.

Wooden Windows Ltd. team is delighted to have stepped up for this interesting project and provided all necessary support while delivering these beautiful windows to our one more happy customer.

Front door, timber windows, glazing link construction

Wooden Windows Ltd. were happy to provide full set of timber windows , front entrance doors, garden side doors and extraordinary glazing link construction for this fabulous new build project in Oxfordshire, UK.

Nicely adjusted dark colours fit the general colour of the building perfectly and the classic door design adds distinctive mark for the structure.

Unussual and complex glazing link construction was a top choice by the architect and was produced at highest standard.

The full set was delivered in two batches. With the delivery support from Wooden Windows Ltd. team, the products were successfully delivered on time.