Richmond Hill House

Located on top of Richmond Hill opposite a grade II Listed church and within a stone’s throw of Turner’s famous view, this six bedroomed house is in an exceptional location.

BOISROIS was appointed to manufacture in total, 46 Sash windows with cord and weights, 2 french doors with sidelights, entrance door and two side doors.

The client was keen to keep the windows and doors classy and elegant, and opted for Joa’s White colour for the exterior and Worsted, Cornforth White, Skimming Stone for the interior depending on the floor.

Due to the nature of the project, owners could not be expected to put up with unwanted noise and the windows were specified to meet the specific noise reduction.

Period style entrance doors were made from hardwood and finished in Mahogany 36 Full Gloss on the outside, and Worsted Estate Eggshell on the inside, to match the interiors.