Boisrois A++ class wooden windows are a sign of style, quality and luxury. At the same time, wooden windows are ecological, have excellent technical characteristics, such as thermal insulation, sound insulation, tightness and safety.

Boisrois windows are manufactured using the most modern technologies developed by German engineers, which combine the best historical features of the product with modern requirements. These features and historical experience allow us to offer wooden windows to everyone who appreciates durability, elegance and quality.

Boisrois windows always use hidden hinges, casement windows do not have a glass strip inside, the frame and the door are on the same plane, which overall creates a harmonious and luxurious aesthetic image and no unnecessary details. A narrower window frame enables the installation of a larger glass package, which allows more light and solar heat to enter the premises, which is another indisputable advantage of Boisrois windows.


Such windows are intended for those who want to see the natural wood of the window from the outside or to use them in buildings where the use of other materials is restricted (historic buildings). As with all windows we make, the thermal properties are of the highest level. The thickness of the glass unit is up to 52 mm, which allows ensuring the best thermal, safety or acoustic properties. They have no inner glass strip and are fitted with concealed hinges.


Boisrois wooden windows, covered with aluminum from the outside, are the least maintenance windows. Due to the profiles of the frame and sash in one plane, these windows not only create a modern style, but also ensure excellent properties, one of which is durability. Boisrois windows covered with aluminum are chosen by anyone who wants to have not only a sustainable and energy efficient home, this product is designed for every modern home. The windows we produce are glazed with two-chamber (three-pane) glass units. In order to receive the offer that best suits your needs, apply.